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Boxing Works is owned and operated by Larry Papadopolous, one of Australia’s most succesfull martial artists. Larry has been involved in martial arts and fitness for over 39 years. In 2001 Larry was ranked as the world #1 Light Heavy Weight Professional Mixed Martial Arts fighter. Our instructors are not simply personal trainers teaching boxing as a fitness regime. Nor are they boxers or martial artists teaching fitness. Our instructors have competed in their chosen disciplines and know what they are teaching. So not only are you getting fitter and stronger, but you’re learning the correct technique to avoid injury.

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Boxing Works is one of the only gyms in Australia to offer all of the following classes and facilities:

  • 5m Boxing Ring
  • Boxing Bag Rig with 18 Bags
  • 130m2 Wrestling/Jiu Jitsu Mat area
  • Cardio studio, Treadmills, Cross Trainers, Bikes, Rowers, Grinders and Spin Bikes
  • S&C including Olympic Weights, Dumbbells, Cable Machines and Benche
  • Power Cage and Lifting Platform
  • Functional Training including Kettle bells, TRX, Plyo boxes

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Kings Cross
83-97 Darlinghurst Road Kings Cross
PH: 9360 8887

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