The ultimate combat sport

Boxing Works offers and delivers world class coaching. This successful program at the gym, has to date, produced two World Number 1 Ranked professional Shooto champions, and three South pacific Amateur champions.

MMA is the most comprehensive fighting style, with nearly every fighting technique allowed. Fighters are permitted to punch, kick, knee, throw, strangle, joint lock – even strike opponents on the ground.

MMA should not be confused with No Holds Barred fighting or tough man competitions. Strict rules and regulations are enforced regarding the specifications of gloves, protective equipment, the number and length of rounds and the correct matching of opponents in weight classes. Following these rules, ensures fighter safety, and legitimacy of MMA as a combat sport.

Amateur MMA is made even safer with shorter rounds, mandatory head protectors, shin pads, kneepads and the strict forbiddance of striking on the ground.

Students learn from three different ranges:

  • Standing Striking Range – using traditional boxing, kickboxing and Thai boxing skills.
  • Standing Grappling Range – close quater fighting using punches and knees from Muay Thai and Boxing, plus throwing and takedown techniques from Olympic, Freestyle and Greco Roman wrestling.
  • Ground Fighting Range – this is where many fights in the sport are decided.

Fighters can punch to the head but only kick to the body. Fighters can use any submission technique from Japanese Ju-Jutsu, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Russian Sambo or Submission Wrestling to submit the opponent.